Teacher Having Sex With Student Bogus

Attorney Louis Schneider says Jason Lofthouse has been overcharged. Attorney Schneider says that the student is not a victim but a willing participant. Since there is no victim, this case is considered a crime against public decency, not rape.

“This charge, this unlawful contact between a teacher and a student is classified as a crime against public decency. So there is no victim in this case but they’re trying to make one out of these people,” Robert Drascovich, Lofthouse’s defense attorney and Co-Attorney with Louis Schneider said.

After talking with the teen, who was the only witness to take the stand Mr Schneider quoted  “She was very upset with the state to force her through this prosecution. She felt coerced and somewhat intimidated,”

As the defense attorneys, what we are really upset about is that the teen went willing, no coercion, no rape! Because of this we are going after each and every charge and will be taking this to the Supreme Court to change the laws at a federal level, as the age of consent in the state of Nevada is 16 years old.

Although the Prosecuting attorneys are stating that the reason behind the intent was to not tell her parents, the intent was that she did not give or get permission from the parents to have contact with the teacher. We will stand by the fact that the age of consent is 16 year old. With or without the parents consent.

Lofthouse will be back in court on July 20, 2015 where we will fight with everything we have to get our client exonerated.