Racial Social Media Posts

When Social Media becomes and outlet for hate, then something needs to change! I am a firm believer of Freedom Of Speech, but there is a fine line that can and does get crossed on so many levels.

Recently in the news an Atalanta man was fired from his job for posting a co-workers son in the background of a selfie. Doesn’t sound so bad, people take selfies all the time with someone, a child or an adult all the time. So what is the big deal, the posts that followed that selfie from his Facebook friends. Facebook has since taken down the posts, but some are still circling around the internet for all to see. What is even more wrong here is that the name and the face of that little boy has also been made public, like the hateful posts weren’t bad enough, lets rub salt into that wound, by pinpointing out who the child was.

The posts were so racist that not only did Gerod Roth also known as Geris Hilton get fired, but some of his co-workers were fired as well!

These are just some of the hate-filled racist comments that were made…

Law Office Of Louis C Schneider


Listen like I said, I am all about the first amendment. Every one has a right to their own opinion, religion, who they love and so on. But when hate is hidden behind the first amendment I get a bit heated under the collar. Hate if you want to hate, just don’t rub it in my face. As well as protect the children, he will forever be known as the kid that spurred a hateful diatribe on Facebook!