Las Vegas Bad Driving Habits

As a Las Vegas resident, I can tell you that driving here is like no other! Add tourists, new residents and us old timers, they roads can get a bit adventurous to say the least.

A recent study has revealed that Las Vegas is one of the top five cities for drivers who run red lights. The National Coalition for Safer Roads has stated, we ranked the fourth worst city for running red lights that have lead to fatal car accidents. There have been 105 accident related deaths from 2004-2013 from just that one little lapse in judgement. Of course being a 24-7 city will lead to many lapses of judgement. But, running a red light and getting into a accident that could cost a life, would be the end of yours. 5903975-Vegas-among-Top-cities-for-red-light

NHP is not just enforcing the law but have teamed up with Regional Transportation Commission to make our Las Vegas roads safer for everyone!

Trooper Chelsea Stunkel, of Nevada Highway Patrol was quoted as saying “It’s not only law enforcement, but also engineers from city and county, other organizations that get together and brainstorm.” quoting the questions “How can we stop these crashes from happening? How can we make our streets a safer place?”

It seems that the most activity is found to be on Tropicana Ave as well as Rainbow Blvd. Please be aware of your surroundings, don’t be distracted and you can be quick, just don’t be in a hurry. You never know, it just might save a life!