Violent Crimes


You certainly cannot afford to face charges like murder, manslaughter, arson or fraud without a quality criminal defense attorney to represent you. To set up your free confidential consultation, contact the Law Office of Louis Schneider.

Murder and Manslaughter Defense

If you or a family member has been charged with the death of another person — as an intentional act or through negligence — you already know the stakes are high. Now you need to know your rights when accused of violent crimes and discover how an experienced trial lawyer can challenge the charges on multiple fronts.
At Law Office of Louis Schneider, we have the background and resources to answer all types of homicide charges including murder, manslaughter, vehicular homicide involving drunk driving and death resulting from another crime.

Challenging the Prosecution’s Case, From Arson to Fraud

A strong background in violent crime defense enables us to anticipate prosecutors’ tactics and effectively gauge the strength of their case. We know how to challenge the admissibility of potentially harmful physical evidence and witness testimony.
Our experienced litigators are prepared to aggressively defend clients against any charges from felony arson to insurance fraud. In cases involving juveniles, we attempt to shield minors from prosecution as adults and avoid incarceration by negotiating alternative sentences.

Business Crimes • Insurance Fraud • Internet Scams

When they suspect a white collar or business crime, prosecutors like to build a case and come out firing with multiple charges and heavy-handed tactics. Often, they are hoping you will cave in or implicate others. The truth is that providing information will not help you unless there is a formal plea bargain on the table.

  • Our attorneys’ insight and experience enables us to challenge the following:
  • Probable cause for search warrants and wiretaps
  • Credibility of informants
  • Violations of your Fourth Amendment rights forbidding illegal search and seizure
  • Misconduct by undercover agents or police

If you believe you are being investigated for fraud or any other white collar crime, do not wait for an indictment, and do not answer questions. Instead, contact Nevada Law Group as soon as possible.