Juvenile Crimes

In Las Vegas Family Law juvenile courts generally focus on rehabilitation over punishment, minors still face severe penalties for a criminal conviction in Nevada. If your child is charged with any juvenile crime, contact an attorney who understands the local juvenile justice system.

Protect Your Son or Daughter From Harsh Consequences

Kids make mistakes, and we believe they can learn from them without excessive punishment. At Law Office of Louis Schneider, we represent juveniles facing any encounter with the courts — on an underage drinking charge, for shoplifting, graffiti or drug possession, or sex crimes. We capably defend juveniles charged with:

  • Minor in possession of alcohol or underage DUI
  • Shoplifting, burglary, theft or forgery
  • Vandalism or property damage
  • Truancy or delinquency
  • Drug crimes
  • Assault and battery
  • Serious felony charges
  • Juvenile Sex Offenses

We challenge questionable evidence in the effort to have juvenile crime charges dismissed or gain negotiating power for a plea. For serious criminal offenses, we strive to keep minors in the juvenile justice system and fight all attempts to prosecute them as adults.

Knowledge of Prevention, Counseling and Diversion Programs

Not all Las Vegas Attorneys have the sensitivity required to deal with juveniles productively. At Law Office of Louis Schneider, we emphasize understanding, confidentiality and our nonjudgmental interest in the facts to draw out information that can be critical to defending a juvenile case.

For many juvenile crimes, courts are receptive to an emphasis on prevention of new crimes. We may recommend substance abuse treatment or psychological counseling or negotiate alternative sentences such as restitution, probation or attending victim impact panels. If the child is eligible for a diversion program, it may be possible to avoid a criminal record by adhering to conditions set by the judge.

Effective Juvenile Crime Attorneys Focused on the Future

Certain criminal convictions may disqualify youths for college admission, student loan eligibility and employment opportunities. To discuss legal needs and options surrounding a juvenile offense, contact our lawyers today. Protect your child’s future and contact a Las Vegas Attorney if you find your child faced with Family Court Juvenile Crimes.