If you are charged with assaulting another person, you may face serious consequences including jail or prison time, employment problems and even a lawsuit for damages. As soon as you can, and before making statements to police, contact a professional assault and battery defense attorney at Law Office of Louis Schneider.
We represent adults and juveniles involved in fights, from small scuffles at the school yard to bar fights and domestic violence issues. We are sensitive to the complex aspects of family violence cases and the needs of people charged with assault while visiting the Las Vegas area.

Aggressive Defense Against Assault and Battery Charges

  • Our experienced attorneys provide aggressive representation against all levels of allegations including:
  • Domestic assault from an altercation with a spouse or partner
  • Simple assault based on threats and aggressive behavior
  • Battery, usually involving striking another person
  • Felony assault and battery involving severe bodily injury and/or use of a weapon
  • Felony charges resulting from three or more domestic violence assaults

Presenting Your Story and Arguing Your Case

Even in cases with physical evidence such as bruises, black eyes, cuts and scrapes, most assault and battery charges come down to conflicting statements from the parties involved. Our lawyers are adept at building and supporting arguments that:

  • You acted in self-defense
  • Another person initiated the confrontation or intentionally provoked you
  • Another person’s drug or alcohol use escalated a minor dispute

Experienced Lawyers for Domestic Violence Cases

Nevada authorities take domestic violence allegations very seriously. Potential penalties are severe, including prison time, loss of child custody and hindrance of your ability to secure employment. If you are accused of domestic assault or violating a restraining order, our attorneys will step in to ensure you are not railroaded on false or exaggerated charges. We will fight to avoid conviction by moving for suppression of evidence, dismissal of the case or a plea to a lesser offense such as disorderly conduct. We prioritize helping you avoid jail time and other harsh penalties. We will listen to your situation, examine the facts and advise you on the most favorable course of action. Contact Law Office of Louis Schneider p to arrange a free confidential consultation with a criminal defense attorney.