CCSD Student Testifies In Sex Case

Attorney Louis Schneider talks to press about Jason Lofthouse.

As we plan to defend the CCSD school teacher Jason Lofthouse, we also will be taking this to the Supreme Court to change the laws at the federal level, these laws are the exact reason why our client is incarcerated and it is just wrong. You cannot say that the age of consent is 16, but only when it suits the courts. The age of consent is 16 across the board with a willing participant period!

My partner was witnessed saying “They are charging him with first-degree kidnapping, which is a misapplication of the statute, and first-degree kidnapping carries a mandatory life sentence. It’s inappropriate,” Draskovich said. And I agree! Lofthouse has been charged with 14 counts, when he should only be facing maybe 4 and that is stretching it.

Let me reiterate, the alleged victim has testified that she is not a victim but a willing participant. This young woman stated on the stand today ‘I am very upset why anyone has anything to say about me and what I do with my body. I’m over the age of 16.’ she is absolutely right! She also stated that this was an honest relationship and that she still has feelings for Lofthouse.

I have quoted “He’ll appear and plead not guilty to 14 counts, and there will be a lot of legal work to do to get the 11 counts that should be dismissed, dismissed,” and I stand by that!

Lofthouse is still behind bars, unjustly and will remain there while we work to get these charges dismissed and we will!

The charge prohibiting Lofthouse from seeing the alleged victim has been dropped which is a step in the right direction of consensual relationship and NOT rape, kidnapping and all the other charges that has been tacked on with no evidence of the alleged crime.

We will continue to fight for Lofthouse until the end!

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